Through Your Eyes

I know people in my life who don’t really know me at all.  They only know me through the eyes of someone else.  If you only know someone through the eyes of someone else then you really do not know that person.  You may think you know me, through an enemy or my best friend, [...]

What Gift has Christ Given You?

Ephesians 4:11 “And He (Christ) Himself gave some to be Apostles, some Prophets, some Evangelists, and some Pastors and Teachers” We went to a “man made” revival recently and half the people there were “titled” pastor.  I believe they mentioned 1 apostle whom was traveling.  I never heard a title of teacher, evangelist, or prophet [...]

5 Daily Prayers in John

1. John 3:30 “He must increase, but I must decrease” Lord I know if I want to walk with increasing light and power of Jesus then He must increase inside of me and I must decrease.  Make me like a vessel (cup) and fill me up with Jesus everyday that I may leave  our secret [...]

Healed from Unknown Kidney Issues

June 16th 2010 My mom who is normally pretty healthy suddenly was feeling very fatigued.  She also started having severe kidney pain along with swelling in her hands and feet.  She went to the doctors and they ran all the normal tests.  They did find blood in her urine but no cause for any of [...]

Healed from DEATH!

April of 2010 This is a powerful testimony.  It is a lengthy one because God kept doing miracle after miracle.  I encourage you to take the time to read it through because it will build your faith as it has mine.  There is more to this story then even what is written here feel free to [...]

Healed from Stomach Pain & Nausea

Easter 2010 My grandmother had been experiencing pain and nausea for months from her stomach.  She had been to doctors but really no answers.  I had seen her one day but I forgot to pray over her.  I had a dream that same week.  In my dream God was telling me not to wait to lay [...]

Healed from a STROKE!

March of 2010 A man we knew had a stroke.  He was an older gentlemen.  We wanted to go to the hospital and pray over him but he was in ICU and we were told we couldn’t get in.  I believed that lie from the devil.  God is bigger than any of that.  However, I [...]

Healed from Grapefruit Sized Tumor

This was the first healing I had ever seen or been apart of.  It was back in January of 2008, I was in the middle of the darkest time of my life.  Loving Jesus but just in a ruff time of testing.  Some call it a “dark soul night” others a “Wilderness” experience.  I call [...]

Healed from Internal bleeding & Hystorectomy

Fall of 2009 I receive a phone call that a young girl is in the emergency room.  She had been very sick for days.  The pain in her stomach had become more than she could bare.  I started praying for her immediately.  I was prompted to call her cell phone, even though I knew she was [...]

Are You Feeling Salty?

Matthew 5:13 ” You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men.” Salt is used for 3 purposes: Seasons= God wants us to pour out His flavor onto people.  [...]